NextComputing builds some of the most technologically advanced small form factor and mobile workstations on the market.

From the NextDimension family to the rugged workstations in our Vigor series, our products feature the high-performance power, flexibility, and expansion capabilities of an enterprise-class workstation and yet are small enough to fit in an airplane overhead compartment.

Even our laptop workstation, the NextBook17E, offers dual core or quad core processing, storage capacity totaling up to 500GB, and up to 4GB of memory for maximum processing power in an extremely portable form factor.

Our rack mountable blade server, the NextServer, offers an open standards scheme which allows maximum flexibility, including numerous blade configurations and mix-and-match processors and operating systems, and it can be mounted in some of the most confined spaces.

With numerous potential applications, our systems suit a number of industries.

If you need extremely powerful graphical and/or computational machines that can be hand-carried from point to point, let us work with you to find your perfect solution.

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